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Beauty and healthLiving healthy can be simple

Living healthy can be simple

Most people when you ask them what they think of when you say nutrition is Gillian McKeith, lettuce, Kale and quinoa.  They think of difficult, fanatical, tasteless, and denying yourself to the point of a breakdown.

Well it’s really not like that.  The most common thing I hear form my clients is it is not what they expected.

In all honesty healthy eating is simple, tasty and not all that difficult, if you know how to do it.  The best way to do it is to go back to basics.

Fibre is essential for our digestion.  Fruit and vegetables are a good source but so are high fibre grains like brown rice, linseed, psyllium husk.

Think of your food in terms of what your body needs it for, not what you fancy. Why do we all need to eat? Simply to survive and so we can get the most out of our body.

To do this we need some basics:
• Protein
• Carbohydrates
• Fats

Fibre is essential for digestion
Simple, natural, healthy

This means that cutting any of these groups is not healthy long term. We need them all. If you have been trying one fad diet after the next and you still have the same problem or even worse, it may be time to give up on quick fixes and simplify things by changing long term lifestyle habits.


After that we need a good level of Vitamins and Minerals:
• Eat a rainbow of colour when it comes to fruit and vegetables to get all the micro-nutrients you need.


Fibre is essential for our digestion. Fruit and vegetables are a good source but so are high fibre grains like brown rice, linseed, psyllium husk.


So when you put it all together you need a diet packed with nutrients that cover all these needs. So what does that look like?


Well it could look like this:
• Breakfast – porridge with berries and linseed
• Lunch – chicken salad with onion, beetroot, tomato, avocado, nuts and seeds
• Dinner – shepherds pie, use lots of vegetables, topped with sweet potato
• Snacks – nuts& seeds, fruit, oat biscuit, yoghurt.


The last but most definitely not least thing to remember is water. An average of 2L of water per day, no excuses, no substitutes just water.


The main thing is to make it simple, natural, healthy and above all, interesting.


It’s not rocket science as they say but it is making the right choices. If there is a particular illness or ailment then more specific tailored advice will always help more. If you need an appointment please contact the clinic to book, details below.


This is general advice, if you have a medical condition, and/or are on medication, please check with a qualified professional before commencing any new treatments or lifestyle plans.

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