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Losing weight with a Thyroid issue

There are so many people diagnosed with a thyroid condition, I would probably put the numbers at 1:3 of my clients are on Eltroxin, the main drug used for Hypothyroidism.

With symptoms such as tiredness, hair loss, weak nails, cold, it is the weight gain which seems to affect most.

Clinical abnormalities in thyroid function are estimated to affect >5% of individuals during their lifetime – St James Hospital, Dublin.

One of the main aims of Natural medicines is to bring balance back to the whole body rather than just the symptom.

Each person is individual but the basis of any treatment is balance.

A high source of fiber
Mega antioxidants

• Diet will help – strengthening the body with nutrient dense diet and foods that support the thryoid, whilst removing those that put extra pressure on the thyroid.


• Reflexology – not just a foot rub. Can be used to help bring balance to the whole body, the main focus on the Endocrine organs, especially the thyroid.


• Cupping –help to remove the burden of other issues going on in the body


• Herbal medicines – will depend on whether the client is on a thyroid medication, there are thyroid specific herbs & herbs to help balance out other co-existing issues.


• Ear accupressure – this can help stimulate specific points related to thyroid issues.


• Relaxation – stress has a major impact on thyroid issues, so anything that can help you cope with/process/remove stress will help

There are many things that can help you loose weight with a thyroid issue, it’s a matter finding out what you need and putting together a plan.


If you’re needing an appointment please contact the clinic.


This is general advice, if you have a medical condition please check with a professional before commencing any new treatments or lifestyle plans.

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