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Beauty and healthWhat’s the hype about Chia seeds?

What’s the hype about Chia seeds?

Everywhere you look there are superfoods, in the supermarkets, the health shops, in drinks, I have even seen them in the petrol stations, but do you really know why you are using them? What are they good for?

Most of the chia seeds available are both organic and GMO free, so are a clean source of protein, fibre, nutrients etc.

Over the next few weeks I will give you some useful information on most of the top superfoods. So let us start with Chia seeds, they are in every foody fads recipes,so what is the hype about Chia seeds?

A high source of fiber
Mega antioxidants

1. Fiber – chia seeds are a high source of fiber so are great for the daily constitution and also reduce the risk of bowel disease

2. Mega antioxidants – antioxidants help fight free radicals which are linked to many diseases including heart disease, inflammatory disease and cancer

3. Diabetes – Chia seeds have been found to Lower blood sugars as an inflammation marker.

4. Reduce risk associated with heart health, cholesterol and balance blood sugars

5. High in omega 3 ALA. This helps the heart health, lowers cholesterol.

6. Boost your beauty – the nutrients for radiant skin are in abundance in Chia. Zinc, healthy fats, protein and minerals.

7. Healthy bones – High in Calcium – 1 ounce will provide 18% of your RDA (recommended daily allowance)

8. Detox – The nutrients found in Chia Seeds naturally support your detoxification pathways.

9. Anti-inflammatory – chia is useful as part of any anti-inflammatory diet.

10. Aids healthy weight loss – by helping you to have regular bowel movements, increase your fiber and leave your appetite feeling satiated, chia is a great part of a healthy weight loss plan.

11. Vegan protein – great source of protein.

12. No nasty’s – as yet most of the chia seeds available are both organic and GMO free, so are a clean source of protein, fiber, nutrients etc.

So the next time you pick up some chia seeds don’t think of them as the latest food trend, now you can see just how good they are for you.

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